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Should You Travel To Pakistan Post Covid?

Pakistan is a great country with a beautiful culture and rich history, but the food is absolutely outstanding, from Biryani to Jalebi you have spicy, sweet, and sour food to fit everyone's taste buds. In Pakistan the people are amazing, without a doubt they are the most hospitable kind, and welcoming folk that will make you feel right at home, and when it is time to leave it will be like saying bye to family. Pakistan has just the most beautiful landscapes, I have never seen any of those landscapes as I have never left outside of my home city Karachi., But on TV they look spectacular in Hunza and Gilgit, five of the fourteen highest peaks are found in Pakistan including the deadly K2 in Islamabad. Is it safe to Travel to Pakistan, Yes as long as you stay clear of Afghanistan Border regions but the Pakistan armed forces will try and keep you safe at all costs, and you have to be a pro driver in Pakistan as cars tend to come into any lane they want with no blinker. Going to Pakistan can be cheap, you can get a cup of chai (tea) for only 3 cents! Pakistan is known for sports like Cricket or Hockey, But they have many more sports you can do like Rock Climbing or Paragliding. Pakistan is an adventure playground. This country has truly everything; friendly locals, stunning landscapes, incredible treks, undiscovered expeditions, colorful festivals, tasty food, and just enough to keep you on your feet. A trip to Pakistan is not your standard adventure, This is not your standard adventure, this is a chance to connect with other people and see a country that, no one really knows about.

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