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Is Apple Still Worth It?

As a 10-year-old boy, I have always grown with Apple products all around me, And there has been one comment that kept coming up, It Is Expensive! Don't get me wrong every new product looks exceptional and the tech keeps improving. But there is one flaw, The Products Are Really Fragile. So with one mistake and there go a couple of hundred dollars down the drain. And you could get an HP 250 laptop for 750$ which is a bit more durable than a Macbook pro which then costs 2,800$. In terms of laptops and computers, Apple is not really leading in that, I think it is better to stick with DELL or HP. But The Best thing Apple produced is the iPhone it has really changed the world and its technology keeps getting better and the camera is really good and the design, it just keeps getting looks stunning, but if you want a cheaper alternative that has similar features has an iPhone you are better of with a Samsung or a Huawei phone. And if you are not a fan of small shape screens Apple also has the right product for you, The iPad, basically it is an iPhone but with a bigger screen and it is a bit cheaper, you could buy the iPad Pro for 799$ or an iPhone 12 Pro for 999$ and in my experience, no other company has really competed with Apple in tablets or as Apple call iPad. So why are Apple products so expensive? Apple says it because it is not cheap to make the phones that they have today, but all they are doing is improving their previous products and putting them on the market for a higher price. they are not changing the market as they did with the first iPhone or the iPod they are just improving them so it can look like they are making more money for their investors. So how does apple keep getting more customers? Many people think it is because of the Apple ecosystem, so once you build your lifestyle around the ecosystem it is hard to get out you can not stop buying their products, some people might disagree with me as Apple could break your trust, some people want high quality cheap durable items and apple used to that but now they make expensive fragile products and so some people will stop buying apple completely but for some people who are stuck in the Apple ecosystem, Apple is aware of it and so they start selling things separately for high prices like you need to pay for an Apple charger adapter for the Macbook for 50$! And they have taken out the wires of the headphones and called it the AirPods and they charged you a couple of extra dollars for the AirPods Pro which is just smaller than normal AirPods. So for me, if you are buying a computer, headphones, TV, or even music you are better of with another company so this is where Apple fails. But if you want a Phone or Tablet this is where Apple succeeds.

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