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Insane F1 Race Start At The Hungarian Grand Prix

Today was an insane race start at the Hungaroring forcing four people out at the first turn. Triggering a yellow flag led to a Saftey Car and finally a Red Flag which stopped the race for less than half an hour. And as the race restarted Lewis Hamilton optioned to stay out of the pits for mediums because everyone else was boxing for mediums as the rain had stopped during the red flag. As everyone was pitting Kimi Raikonnen got a 10 Second Time penalty for a bad release colliding with Nikita Mazepin causing Nikita out of this race. And on top of all that Norris was disqualified from the race. And that is not all, Hamilton then attempted the Undercut (which means to pit before the racer ahead and overtake them during their pit stop the other lap) on Verstappen which worked and they swapped places with each other. But looking back at the first turn incident Bottas had hit the back of Norris who was braking into the first corner which led to a series of unfortunate events, especially for Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, and/or Red Bull Racing Fans. And I am a Red Bull fan and the old me would just immediately blame Valtteri Bottas, But to be completely honest with you I see this as a complete Racing Incident. This is what I can call a Preposterous Race.

A Photo Of The First Corner Drama At The Hungaroring

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