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Did The U.S Really Mess Up Afghanistan?

It has been 20 years since the Taliban ruled Afghanistan which is before I was even born! But Joe Biden has withdrawal all the troops in Afghanistan. And now the Taliban are back under the rule of the country. And for me reading the news the way they advanced rapidly through the country was just like watching people taking candy from a baby and because of that Arshaf Ghani left for Uzbekistan and Afghan Army did not even bother to fight so basically they gave up. After the Taliban were under control many were desperate to leave the country, so desperate that they even clung onto the side of the plane, I understand the people of Afghanistan want to leave but clinging onto the side of a huge plane is probably not the smartest idea. So was it the US who is at fault, at first I was like it was the U.S fault because of the withdrawal and it made me miss Trump even though I wanted Biden to be president but slowly over time, I felt like it was the Afghan Army's and Government's fault because Arshaf Ghani just left and it did not seem like the Afghani army fought, even though the U.S for 20 years they gave them the weapons, money, and the training the Army needed to defend against the Taliban but all of that has gone to waste. So will we have a recap of 2001? well, what the Taliban are saying is not looking likely for a war but anything can happen. But for now, countries should try to evacuate as many people just in case? Well it is confusing because the Taliban want the people in Afghanistan but if there is a war things will not look good, but if they evacuate the people the Taliban may not be happy and it could strike a war between countries( I am not saying it will happen but still anything can happen) so this is for the governments to decide which option to go with. So really the U.S did not really mess up Afghanistan, and imagine the world if the U.S did not send any troops in 2001.

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